Animal Sanctuary 3.0 in 40 words:

Why joining the
3 C community?
for yourself
the kind frontrunner
  • feel good with doing good
  • be part of a likeminded community who want to create a kinder world
  • enjoy nice artwork. Print it and decorate your apartment, office etc. with animal art
  • buying an NFT art is not only a donation you can also resell the art (with every resell the farm gets again a portion) and makes money
  • connect in a sepcial way with the sanctuary or the people who need your help
  • you can start a nice collection and get your own NFT barn
  • you decide how much you want to donate or invest in the project
  • if you are new to the NFTs, you learn more about this exciting web 3 world
for the sactuaries
the angels for animals in need
  • awareness for the hard work they do
  • with every purchase and also resell of the NFT you donate to the sanctuary
  • the money goes to projects or special animals in need (see discription of each NFT)
  • we share the stories of each animal on our artworks, so you feel better connected
  • we start only a couple of sanctuaries, but will add a worldwide art portfolio
  • If you know a sanctuary in need, please connect us
  • our personal goal: our own sanctuary with vegan cafe, cooking classes, accommodations ...

for our planet